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Great Makeup and Beauty Techniques Making Use of Kitchen Utensils?

Great Makeup and Beauty Techniques Making Use of Kitchen Utensils?

We all girls (at least most of us) loves the confidence that makeup gives us!

Beauty bloggers and makeup artists on social media have actually left no stone unturned to teach people how to have that desired flawless look. MAKEUP is something that is a woman's right and still, we aren't ever satisfied when it comes to makeup! Everything we need is innovation, new techniques, new looks and much more.

Makeovers using make makeup has become a regular job still, most of the beauty artists fail to do it perfectly. The way of applying makeup differ from people to people such as some of the beauty bloggers are incorporating the technique of using kITCHEN UTENSIL for makeups or makeovers and we are here to show you how they do it...

Eyelashing through spoons

Eyelashing through Spoons

If you are worried of spreading your eyelash here and there then better make use of your kitchen spoon to perfect the skill!

removing darkcircles through spoons

Removing Darkcircles through Spoons

Put 2 spoons in refrigerator at night and in morning take them out and rub them around your eyes, this will help you get rid of your eye circles.

Nose contouring

Nose Contouring using Fork

Nose contouring can also be done using a fork, did you know that??

Making Eyebrows Using Fork!

You can make use of fork to perfect your eyebrow shapes, isn't it easy peasy?