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Chears for Garam Dharam: Murthal restaurant opens its gates to guests

Chears for Garam Dharam: Murthal restaurant opens its gates to guests

 We have great news for Dharmendra ji fans. Actually, the famous Murthal dhaba scene that attracts so many folks from Delhi and its surrounding areas now gets a brand new addition. Hindi cinema veteran Dharmendra-inspired restaurant Garam Dharam is adding a renewed life to the place.
In fact, the Garam Dharam Murthal in Haryana is being inaugurated by actor Dharmendra himself, alongside founders Umang Tewari and Mickey Mehta.

In a statement, the founders said, "Garam Dharam is surely the biggest in India. With the capacity to accommodate seating of 1200 people, Garam Dharam is surely first of its kind in Murthal. Dhaba with separate sections of Bakery, Sweets and Casual Meal, It is Fun, Quirky, Lively, Innovative and Foodies Paradise. Bollywood veteran Dharmendra is everybody's favorite and has been ruling heart since his young days, His movies, his dialogues and his songs are legendary, keeping this in mind we thought to give capital its first restaurant inspired from the veteran actor."

Paradise for Food Lovers

The restaurant has something for everybody, so in the very first section you have a mix of Indian and western desserts. Next up is Culture Gully that has the very best of Indian foods, such as South Indian, Chinese, Chaat counter and so on. Then in the main dining part, you have private dining rooms, lounge seating, buffet area and more. The food here promises to hold the position of being the most important highway hub. There are numerous references here to the great actor, Dharamendra. You will be taken back in time, and revisit the classic Dharmendra movies, because of course he is the theme of the restaurant.

A must Visit Place

Thus, Garam Dharam is for all those people who just want the best at best prices! We are sure we will get lot of acceptance for Garam Dharam, as we are not compromising on anything and ensure to give you the experience that you will cherish. This is place suitable for all age groups. It is for sure the most grand and comfortable place where each meal is a treasured time to relax and share a bounty of wonderful food with family and friends. Every time you dine with them, you can sit back in the glow of Contemporary Dhaba," Tewari and Mehta added. Over all we can say that the place promises good food and amazing music, and of course graceful service. It is a restaurant where you can go to for a great meal with your entire family.

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