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This Country's Unbelievable Measure To Control Traffic And Road Accidents

This Country's Unbelievable Measure To Control Traffic And Road Accidents

Many people die in road accidents across the world, including India. According to the reports, the highest number of deaths worldwide is due to road accidents.

Although many countries are making various efforts to stop the accidents of roads. Today we will tell you about a similar effort of government that will surprise you. You may have never thought that the government can take such a step to control traffic.

Let's know what is the way for traffic control. The government of this country hires topless girls for traffic control:

The Russian government has taken a very different way to control traffic in its own country. The government stands topless girls for traffic control. On this case, the Russian Traffic Authority says that by seeing topless girls, people reduce the speed of their vehicles and the chances of accidents are greatly reduced. The Authority has started this kind of experimentation.

The journey started with the Severni village:

Such type of traffic control was started by topless girls first of all from the Severni village of Russia. It is believed that such idea got very successful and it has seen a significant reduction in the number of accidents. After this it started to be used in many places. People appreciate this move of the Russian Traffic Authority. Russia is believed to be the most dangerous in terms of road accidents. Russian drivers are considered to be the world's most rash drivers. But since the police has used this kind of way, there has been a considerable decline in road accidents.