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This Was The Lifestyle Of Vijay Mallya Before His Scam

This Was The Lifestyle Of Vijay Mallya Before His Scam

Vijay Mallya, the person who ran away with a loan of about 10,000 crores from Bank is finally arrested in Scotland on 18 April by Scotland Yard Police. However, only a few hours after the arrest, Mallya was released on conditional bail. Before the arrest, Mallya often used to be in the discussion for his lavish lifestyle. It is said that there are 260 luxury cars in his collection. Apart from this, Mallya has the luxury house in 26 cities of the world.


So, take a glance at Mallya's former life:

Mallya's car collection had began after purchasing the 1913 Rolls-Royce car. After that Mallya has 260 luxury carts today. Mallya has kept these cars safe in a private museum which is located in California

Apart from this, Mallya had flats and bungalows in 26 cities. Most of which have now been sealed by banks. Talking about Mallya's personal life, he has 2 weddings. The first marriage was with Air Hostess Sameera. Siddhartha Mallya is the son of Vijay and Sameera.

After getting divorced from Sameera, Vijay was married to his neighbour who was his good friend Mahmood's wife. Rekha has a daughter from Mehmood whose name is Laila. Vijay Mallya has adopted Laila later. Laila Mallya used to work with former IPL commissioner Lalit Modi. His name was also framed in IPL fixing cases.