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You Will Be Shocked To Know The Reason, Why A Model Was Sent To Jail?

You Will Be Shocked To Know The Reason, Why A Model Was Sent To Jail?

Today we are going to tell you about a unique event which is so unique that will surprise you for sure. We are talking about the Belgian model Marisa Papen, who got locked up in the Egyptian jail for her nude photographs.

In fact, she and her fellow Australian photographer were caught by the police in Luxor. This model was doing a nude photo shoot in the ancient temple, which was built here. This model said that she had reached Giza first where she started making her nude photoshoot after giving some money to the guard.

Thereafter, two security guards reached there. Even after explaining a lot, they did not understand the difference between porn and art and finally, the model and her photographer had to get out of this matter by giving thousands of Rupees. They from Giza reached Luxor. In order to do a Nude photoshoot in Karnak temple, they went silently in the temple before the temple was closed and after the temple was closed they began to do their photoshoot.

Seeing them doing this, 4 security guards reached there and handed them to the police. After this, the photos were immediately deleted from their camera. The model also revealed that the Egyptian prison was very different from any western country prison. There were 20 men in the first jail and some were unconscious on the ground, some were bleeding, some were screaming.

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