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4 fake diet folklore that we still follow

4 fake diet folklore that we still follow

When we are trying hard to loose weight, we follow every one suggestion and advice blindly. Actually all the gym goers take what their trainers say as the Bible’s truth, even if they tell them to eat stones and drink nothing. However, the problem is that most of the desi trainers in India are doing nothing better than floating dumb myths about nutrition. But I think you should know some diet dumb myth before you are going to start your weight loss journey.


Supplements will bulk you up and Shed fat:

If your gym instructor is asking you to clog yourself up on supplements, it is a warning sign for you to immediately stop his mentorship. Supplements are supplements, if you know what the word means. They should never be more than ten per cent of your diet. If you are relying on them too much, there can be nothing unhealthier.

No Carbs Post Sunset:

This is not saying that you should binge carbs after sunset but you shouldn’t restrict them either. Specially if you are working out hard, running kilometres on treadmill and lifting tens of multiples of kilos, you need carbohydrates. But as a thumb rule, maintain a gap of two to three hours in your last meal of the day and your sleep.

Fat means Fat:

A lot of people think that ditching fats simply translates to losing fat. However, the equation isn’t that simple. In fact, ditching fats may not help at all. What you need to stop is bad fats that are the ones that are contained in junk foods. However, unsaturated or monosaturated fats that are available in healthier options are needed by your body. What you need to limit is, in fact, carbs.


This is absolutely false as bananas are rich in fibre and pectin. These help in decreasing bloatedness as they allow a good build-up of healthy bacteria. Banana is not only low in fat but it also helps in reducing cholesterol levels and helps in burning fats.