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If Your Ex Asks You to Have a Breakup Photoshoot, Then This Couple is To Be Blamed!

If Your Ex Asks You to Have a Breakup Photoshoot, Then This Couple is To Be Blamed!

Until today I was in a belief that people capture their life's best moments. But this couple proved it all wrong by getting their breakup photo shoot done! People often destroyed photos of their exes after a break-up but there is a couple who has a quirky way to bid adieu to each other. And people just can't get over it! 

Well, don't be shocked if other couples soon jump on the bandwagon, as we have a feeling this will happen (errr)! 

Bach and his ex, Jackie

Quirkiness at its Peak 

These photos feature Harrison Bach and his ex, Jackie. Bach, a 22-year-old student at Western Michigan University, told Berry that they dated for three years and broke up a year ago. When they were both home for winter break, they decided to do the photo  shoot as a joke, though the sadness on display was real. “We took these photos and we were like ‘alright, let’s try to fake our emotions,'” Bach told Berry. “I think the reality came out for a second like ‘oh sh*t we totally did break up a year ago.’ It was real for a second. The emotion was there.”

breakup photo shoot

The Bizare Breakup Kiss

In a statement to Storyful, Bach said, “I just wanted to make an ironic humor-based photo album taking a unique look at relationship photos. People frequently take nice ‘nature based’ photos of them and their significant other when their relationship is going great. My goal was to take photos in that same setting but this time at the point of the relationship where the couple is broken up or in turmoil.”

bizare breakup

Now Bach is missing Ex Jackie post the Photoshoot!

Bach also told Storyful that al the attention the photos have received has caused him to look back and miss his ex-girlfriend. “I do miss her like crazy now,” wrote Bach to Storyful.

Bach and his ex, Jackie

How their photoshoot Got Viral?

This couple's queer break up photo shoot has gone widely viral on twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms! (which obviously for the quirkiness factor it boasts!