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Did You Know These Facts About Millennium City Mumbai?

Did You Know These Facts About Millennium City Mumbai

Mumbai, a city of Maharashtra state is considered as a city of dreams. Here people from all over the world come to try their luck. There will hardly be any thing about Mumbai city that you do not know, but today we will tell you some things about Mumbai which you hardly know about -

# The city of Mumbai is counted among the world's most populous cities, with a total population of 1.5 crore. Not only this, its metropolitan population is even more than that. It is approximately 1.80 crores.

#The city of Mumbai comes in 35 cities of the world, which come within the megacity. Mumbai is considered to be the richest city of all these cities like Delhi, Bengaluru, Gujarat, and even if there are any of the country's richest businessman and Bollywood stars.

#Let us tell you that by 1995, Bombay was the official name of Mumbai city.

But it was replaced by the Indian government because this city was given the name by the British, which led to a great deal of controversy, and finally, after the Supreme Court's decision, Bombay City got its new name Mumbai.

#It is believed that by 2020, Mumbai will be the world's most populous city. Als the country's first train was run from Mumbai on April 16, 1853. There were 400 passenger rides in this train and all these passengers were specially called by giving India Invitation.

#From 1784 to 1845, the city of Mumbai was not mainly connected to India, but it was a group of seven separate islands. It took almost 60 years to unite these islands.


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