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Dubai: Must visit for Some Hidden Luxury!!!

Dubai: Must visit for Some Hidden Luxury!!!

Dubai is a land of opportunity and prosperity. As we all know that Dubai is famous for its flourish on over-the-top lavishness but if you look beyond the obvious and known, you'll find the other, lesser-known feature of the city that is even –mind blowing. 

Dubai sets some high-class standard of hospitality and world famous hotels equipped with high-end luxury items with marvelous architecture. Here you will find the new definition of richness and luxury. 

If Dubai is going to be your next travel destination, Read ahead to know about the bizarre and out-of-the-line things you should include in your must-see, must-do, and must-visit list.

Ride the Bugatti taxis

In Dubai you can have a ride in Bugatti. Don’t be surprised dear that’s true this million dollar ride in this car is really awesome, only Dubai can do it.

Gold SUVs and doublewide jeeps

OMG Dubai people are really rich. They have Gold Cars.

Lamborghini For The cops:

Dubai gives their Cops Lamborghini to drive. Lucy Cops!!

Overwhelming Hotels And Gold IPads

Let me tell you that Dubai has the only 7-star hotel in the world, The Burj Al Arab. You need special permission to even walk around its turf, The ones lucky enough to check into the hotel get pampered with complimentary paraphernalia like a 24 carat gold iPad!