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Enjoy the Harry Potter's Hogwarts white Christmas in India

Enjoy the Harry potter’s Hogwarts white Christmas in India

Christmas and snow come together in my mind. Snow adds the charismatic charm to the Christmas holiday.  As we all know that white Christmas has arrived and it has arrived so beautifully! Several parts of the country are already covered in the blanket of soft white snow adding to winter fun. Though in India you won’t find snow everywhere. But let me tell you that there are numerous places in India where travellers can visit and experience snowfall and enjoy various activities such as skiing and sledging. These gorgeous snow-covered places are comparatively less-crowded and extremely beautiful.

Auli, Uttarakhand

This tiny little beautiful dreamland in Uttarakhand looks no less than Hogwarts (from Harry Potter) during winters. The hamlet gets submerged in thick snow and becomes a ski resort for travellers! Auli is a perfect place to learn and test your skiing skills. People are extremely warm here and the views are absolutely breathtaking.

Manali, Himachal Pradesh

The moment you say Manali, snow is the first thing that comes to mind! You just can’t escape the charm of gorgeous valleys of Manali, you cannot miss out on the fact how beautiful mountains look when the first ray of sun touches the white snow! If you wish to experience snowfall in India, this is the place for you to be during the Christmas.

Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

Shimla in December is a sight to behold; all covered in white Christmas snow it looks nothing less than a ‘Frozen’ dream. The place gives the feeling of some English countryside village out of movies. If you are visiting Shimla during Christmas, make sure you attend the midnight mass at the renowned Shimla Church.

Kufri, Himachal Pradesh

Kufri in Himachal is another prominent destination to spot Christmas snow. The place is extremely popular for skiing, offering simpler slopes for beginners also. This is the best place where you can enjoy winter activities but be prepared for crowd as the place doesn’t offer any silence and peace. It remains packed with tourists during winters.

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