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Get ready to rock on this Diwali with your glam Avatar!!

Get ready to rock on this Diwali with your glam Avatar!!

Diwali is round the corner. You should decide your looks that what you want to wear and what kind of look you want to have on this Diwali. It is always better to plan your pre look before you go for shopping. These days you have so options to look beautiful but for that you have to have planning.  


Never leave festive shopping to the last minute. The clothes you choose may need alterations or accessories to match with them and getting them well before festivities begin is always a safer and better option. If you are someone who waits for your favourite designer, brand or store to go on sale, get in early and pick what you like.


It's important to pick and wear clothes in colours that flatter your natural skin tone. Cold colours (blue, green, purple) work with pale skin tones while warm colours (brown, rust, orange and some shades of yellow) compliment dusky tones. When it comes to metallics (fabrics, jewellery or accessories), gold looks good if you are pale, silver and copper if you are dusky.


Whatever you choose to wear, I strongly suggest you stick to a fitted and sharp silhouette. Do not buy your festive wear off the rack, but have it custom tailored or designed. If you are buying off the counter, ensure you have the garment altered to fit perfectly on you.


Footwear that allows you to stand or sit for long hours at ease. Coordinate your footwear with your clothes. As a general rule, always match the colour of your clothes with what you have on your feet.