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If A Man Ever Gives Birth To A Child?

If A Man Ever Gives Birth To A Child?

Woman is called the mother. She brings child into the world. But, If a man ever gives birth to a child? You would say it is impossible. But it is possible and a 21 year old Hayden Cross has made it possible. He had earlier announced earlier this year to be pregnant with the help of sperms. 

In fact, the cross made a gender change and became a man from the a woman. He was also refused by the UK Government National Health Service (NHS) to process the sperm fridge.


For this reason, he became successful in producing a baby with the help of snoring. He got this sperm through Facebook. She is now completely healthy. He gave birth to a girl with the help of surgery. This is not the first case of this kind. Earlier in 2008, a person living in America also gave birth to a child.