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My Coffee Affair With Melbourne

 My Coffee Affair With Melbourne

Well, when we think about Australia especially Melbourne's may wine, whiskey and beer tasting might be trendy things which come in our mind first.  No matter where we are, we really need a good cup of coffee to kick start our day.

Let me tell you that Melbourne is almost shooting with nice coffee shops.  Nevertheless, a coffee tour in Melbourne's downtown, sipping on a variety of blends, stepping in and out of quirky and unusually cafes, is not a bad way to spend a morning. Let’s find out some good coffee joints in this beautiful City.





Situated inside an ancient carton packaging warehouse, Krimper is more of a hangout place of town than a café. The decor of this cafe is rough and rustic, designed like a warehouse café. His place with some recycled stuff to create furniture as a lovely corner in the middle. They have It ha wide menu with burgers, sliders and even a version of ‘upma’ but the highlight is definitely cold drip brew.


Young crowd will love this place. Interiors are a bit industrial but take away little from the overall experience.  Do try their hot or cold drip coffee, smooth, creamy lattes, or if the weather is a bit nippy, opt for the sinful hot chocolate.  Not only coffees this pace offers you their unique breakfast selection―pork belly, fried brioche, baked egg chorizo, fried egg with jamon, and tortilla.


 Located in the heart of the city this cafe situated in the CBD. This cafe has some Indian connection. Actually, baba budan was a Sufi saint who introduce this coffee. The area is named after him. Known for its coffees from various countries, including India (Chickmagalur), the safe has an unusual ambiance and serves up a range of hot, cold and filter coffees.

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My Coffee Affair With Melbourne !!!

My Coffee Affair With Melbourne !!!