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New Age Trend: “Click Before you eat”

New Age Trend: “Click Before you eat”

New generation is all about social media. Instagram ,Facebook is the new platform for showing your talent or friendship. If you remember your childhood we always use to pray and say thanks to God for food but now the new age trend is click before you eat.  Whether it is for the sake of posting on social media or for the sake of keeping it in your memory, clicking food has become a compulsive reality today. And in fact, this hobby also has some positive side effects too because on days you are feeling low, you can always go back and watch those pics that you had clicked happily eyeing your food! The process of capturing food is a different game altogether. From lighting to composition, every aspect calls for ‘less is more’. Unfortunately, people don’t understand this and end up doing too much that spoils the beauty of a tasteful platter. Today, we are going to throw some light on some amazing and easy food photography tips that can not only make your job easier but tempting too. 

Try a different angle

When it comes to food photography, people often take the top shot of the food, which is good but to understand the detailing it is necessary to play with the angle, it also gives a new dimension to the food and makes it look more tempting.

Use only one source of light

In other genres of photography, we majorly need three kinds of light to achieve the perfect depth, but for food, a single large, diffused light source is good enough. For instance, lighting from the back or side of the subject creates dimension and also highlights the texture of the food.

Fill the frame

Depending upon the need of the photograph, at times getting close to your subject is beneficial, as it fills the frame and brim with food.

Use less food than usual

In food photography, less is more. If you think keeping too much food on the plate will attract the audience, you are highly mistaken. The idea of an empty space not only creates a contrast between the food and background but also helps audience in registering the subject.

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