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What do you Think Someone from 4 Decades Back would Feel Being Introduced to our Modern Society?

What do you Think Someone from 4 Decades Back would Feel Being Introduced to our Modern Society?

Imagine yourself being locked in a room for years, totally cut off from the society? In the other case, think of walking back to your hometown after decades? Well, we know these are two totally different scenarios, however, have you ever thought that the amalgamation of these two feelings is perhaps something someone set free from prison after a couple of years would get! Like, totally being cut off from the society and then getting a cultural shock seeing the changes brought to the place where you belonged to.

You may perhaps say that things didn't change that hastily, but what if you are making a come back to the real world after a span of 44 long years? That seems like ages, isn't it? What do you think must have left the same in more than four decades of the time period? Nothing! Then wouldn't the world become as strange for you as an extraterrestrial planet? 

This is exactly the same case with Otis Johnson!

Otis Johnson was imprisoned at the age of 25 in the year 1975 after being charged with attempted murder of a police officer; after 44 years in prison, at the age of 69, he was finally set free from jail. However, what awaited him was a world drastically different from the one he left behind 44 years ago! 

Otis Johnson

This is What He Feels About our Society!

His expression of shock to see our world, speaks a lot about the change time has brought in our lives! Also, a few things that he says in the video as People walking quickly with blank faces and wires in their ears which seems to him as “the CIA or agents or some stuff like that”, brings altogether a different perceptive of the world we live in! From his talks, we could make out what would someone from the outer planet visiting earth for the first time would feel about us! Or many be someone from the past time travelling out modern society! Isn't it?

Otis Johnson's Life After 44 Years in Prison

Here is the video of him telling his story, what he feels about the changes he is experiencing right now.