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Welcome to a Country Where an Archery Champion has to Sell Oranges on the Street for Her Living!

Welcome to a Country Where an Archery Champion has to Sell Oranges on the Street for Her Living!

Dreams have no boundaries and the girl we are talking about literally proved that phrase right!

Buli Basumatary is a champion of archery, she took archery training, got selected by Sports authority of India [SAI] and also won many medals. Besides gold and silver medals in National Sub-Junior Archery Championship 2014 in Rajasthan, she also won a gold medal in the senior championship. 

However, she soon hit the headlines, winning a 50-metre event in the National Senior Archery Championship held in Jharkhand! But the question is where she is today??

Buli Basumatary

Meet Archery Champion Buli Basumatary from Assam

In 2010, Buli had to leave practicing archery, as she got injured which resulted in her having difficulty in practicing archery. Additionally, limited financial means made the situation worst, as her family couldn’t support her health and her love for sports simultaneously!

Their was no governmental aid to Buli for a national championship. Buli then have to put her dreams on hold, meanwhile she got married and today she have two kids. Buli's husband could not earn enough to satisfy his family needs, so Buli too started working as orange vendor on the streets at Assam highway.

gold medalist selling oranges

Archery Gold-medalist Selling Fruits on Streets

But, where there's life there's hope! Buli a strong girl with high hopes never left hopes to achieve her ultimate goal in life, which is definitely her love for archery!

We are sure she can start the journey to achieve her ultimate aim, however for that, our government needs to provide her some help.

But question we would like to raise is, Where are higher officials and government authorities? Are they only busy in elevating celebrities or people with more powers?

Where Buli being a strong and dedicated girl believes one day she will turn her drams to reality, making her nation proud, contrarily its high time from Government's part to look into the matter!