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What's The Truth Behind This Picture Of Sunny Deol-Dimple Kapadia

What's The Truth Behind This Picture Of Sunny Deol-Dimple Kapadia

"Picture Of Sunny Deol-Dimple Kapadia Recently Got Vira"

After the pictures of Ranbir Kapoor and Mahira Khan, another photo is getting viral. Actually, this is part of a video that shows Sunny Deol and Dimple Kapadia. Both are seated holding each other's hands. The photo is being told to take on the side of a road in London. Dimple has a cigarette in one hand while Sunny has held her second hand. 

Dimple's relationship with Sunny is quite old. After separation from Rajesh Khanna, Dimple left his house. During this time she made several films with Sunny Deol. Both have been very close friends. Rumours of their affair in Bollywood started flying. It was even said that these couples also stayed with each other. However, as per the reports, both of them had also decided to get married at a time. But these rumors have never been confirmed. 

Sunny Deol was recently seen in the Poster Boys. His affair with many heroines was discussed. Among them, Amrita Singh was the biggest name. This discussion ended when Amrita Singh married Saif Ali Khan.

Also if reports are to be believed then Dimple's daughters Twinkle and Rinky used to call Sunny, Papa. There was a relationship between the two for 10-11 years.

Sunny Deol was married to Pooja, but his relationship continued with Dimple. Dimple was also married but she was living separately from her husband Rajesh Khanna.

We don't know the truth behind this photographs, do you?


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