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Why In North India McDonald's Are Closing Down?

Why In North India McDonald's Are Closing Down?

Who would not have eaten burgers from McDonald's? Believe that many people will be eating at this time too, but if you live in North India, then you may have noticed that all McDonald's around you have been closed. Do you know the reason behind this? If you do not know, do not worry, today we tell you about the secret behind it:

Actually, this is happening because McDonald's India has ended the deal with its 169 restaurant, run by Connaught Plaza Restricted Limited (CPRL). Because of this, now you are not able to get McDee's burger to eat.

Why is this happening?

Controversy arose over the management of the company between CPRL and McDonald's since 2013. CPRL was part of the company's Vikram Bakshi and McDonald's India 50-50. But on August 2013, Bakshi was fired from CPRL, after which he appealed to the Law Board against the company. The National Company Law Tribunal issued an order to return the company's MD post to Bakshi, and from this point of view the dispute increased even further. Meanwhile, McDonald's issued a statement saying that CPRL violated the terms of the franchisee agreement and failed to fulfill the conditions required by the company.

It's adverse effect:

With the closure of McDonald's, about 10 thousand people are likely to be unemployed. Due to Domino's Pizza, McDonald's had to suffer a lot already. Due to the locking, the company is looking for its new partner.

McDonald's can take a lot of time to step up the market, with the direct advantage being to other global chains such as Burger King, La Amerikeno, Wendy etc.