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Bollywood Stars Who Are Famous For Their Social Works

Bollywood Stars Who Are Famous For Their Social Works

In the case of donation and social work, Bollywood stars openly donate. Many people donate and do not say, while Bollywood stars do more to show their charity.

We will tell you today about the donation of Bollywood superstar - who donate more than you think -

King Khan of Bollywood:

Shahrukh Khan is not only in his acting but also in giving donations is the King. King Khan has adopted 12 villages in the year 2012, which no political leader has been able to adopt so many villages till now.

Sushmita Sen:

Sushmita Sen herself runs an NGO called 'I'm Foundation' which works for women and children. Sushmita also sponsors the education of children who want to read but can not fulfill her dreams due to the problem of money.

Amitabh Bachchan:

Our country is now polio free. The biggest role in this is of the Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan. Big B has done many programs related to donation for many years. He also run an online portal called 'Generation' where Bollywood celebrities donate their clothes and the money they get by selling them is charity.

Salman Khan:

It is hardly anyone who does not know about Salman Khan's 'Being Human Foundation'. Salman helps thousands of people through this NGO.