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Come on girls!! Do you Still Think, Holding a Candle and Marching Should be An Option Anymore...

Come on girls!! Do you Still Think, Holding a Candle and Marching Should be An Option Anymore...

Well, its is a devastating truth that the society where we live in is totally unchanged and still boasts an orthodox mentality! It has been told many a time that there are changes but, it’s just a myth that is often put forward by the society to veil the bitter truth underlying!

Girls are being assaulted, grabbed, molested and touched unwillingly. Thousands of rape cases are observed every day in the country. While some cases are not even filed, on the other hand, the decisions for others are still pending...

Candle March

Candle Marching for Injustice Against Women is Just Another Cliche Option

Most of the time we think that showing protest by lighting up candles on streets and gathering up there would do make the change we are expecting, but is there anything like that going to happen? Marching doesn't bring the victim back, instead, it shows that we don’t have other options left and it even projects us weak.

Girls! You need to know that the consequences are not going to change instead we need to take precautions. Come on! lighting up a candle and marching on the streets should not be an option anymore. Its high time we should stop depending on others!

Self defence

Self-Defense is the Answer!

We have to take up the challenge and fight against the injustice that has been going against girls. Finding a solution for the suffering is the only option left!

enough is enough

This could help...

Downloading an app and using it would take time. And there is no time when there is something wrong going on.

There are many other alternative ways to tackle such situation.

1. Joining self-defense classes is the primary thing to do! 

2. Use of pepper spray or other handy equipment in a suspicious situation is another thing that can help.

3. Shout out as loud as you can and trying to call for help is another thing you should do as the situation gets worst!


i said no

Things to Keep in Mind

Self-defense does not mean to act foolish. Smartness is good but over smartness may be harmful. Thus, you need to know when to react and when not to. Wait, watch and then take an action if you see the situation getting out of your hand.

One thing which is sure is that only you can bring a change! No one else can do that. People are silent watchers.They are lazy lads they will follow you if something is beneficial and safe for them or else they will carefully watch or hide but won't take charge of the situation to save you in any case. So its time we should stop being in pity and be smart enough to face the situation!

And for boys, there is only one message-  NO MEANS NO.


Here is a video of a girl that speaks loud, what is exactly wrong with us.