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Green chillies: A taste maker with Lot of Health Benefits.

Green chillies: A taste maker with Lot of Health Benefits

Being a great Indian food lover I love to have bit spicy food. I think spiciness is the key ingredient and identity of our food around the globe. Generally we consider that spicy food is not good for our health. But let me tell you if you are adding green chillies in your food then you are not only adding some taste in your food but also adding lot of health benefits too. After reading this article you will love to add green chillies just because you love spicy food, then you will start loving them more because they are also good for your immunity and overall fitness. Read the full article for further information.

Combats cold and sinus

Capsaicin present in green chilli stimulates smooth blood flow in nose and helps to combat cold and sinus related issues.

Controls pain

When consumed, they release heat that works as an effective painkiller.

High on vitamin C

Green chillies are high in vitamin C and are supposed to be stored in cool place, as they lose the nutrients if exposed to heat, light and air.

Regulates mood

It also releases chemicals called endorphins that boost the enzymes that regulate mood swings and pain in the human body.