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Have You Ever Been To One Of These Streets?

Have You Ever Been To One Of These Streets?

A city, a mohalla and a street, make people living there beautiful. Sometimes a place is decorated in such a way that it becomes the identity of the beauty itself. Here's a look at some of the world's most beautiful streets:

1. Umbria, Italy

The windows of the houses, balcony, buildings, and lanes of Spello appear decorated with colorful flowers. The scent spread through them fills the environment with romanticism which has become its identity. 

2. San Francisco, California, USA

Lombard Street is one of the world's most beautiful roads because of the Victorian style house and the 8th sharp turn. When the flowers grow in the spring season, its beauty is amazing.

3. Porto Alegre, Brazil

The modern city of Brazil is divided into three blocks and beautiful trees have been planted there. Rua Gonzczele de Carvalho's 500 meter road is the most spectacular. It is surrounded by more than 100 tepuana trees, where a unique shade of nature is found.

4. Grafton, Australia

Pound Street is recognized in Australia as the name of Jackranda Avenue. This road is heavily laden with lilac flowers. These flowers of purple color make this path more beautiful. It is very special for tourists.