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This Internet Sensation Hijabi Biker is Inspiring Women From All Walks of Life!

This Internet Sensation Hijabi Biker is Inspiring Women From All Walks of Life!

This is something very interesting; a 22-year-old Arabic and culture student from Jamia Milia Islamia University named Roshni Misbah is a biking enthusiast who is gaining popularity all over the internet. She admits that she had an interest in driving from 9th class. The twist in the story is that she wears a Hijab and drives a motorbike, which is quite an unseen sight for most of the people. Misbah is very famous in her college, besides this, she is an inspiring (as she is inspiring all women) internet sensation as well.

She is known as a Hijabi Biker in her college. Her teachers and friends were a bit astonished by her decision at first, but now they support her completely. Her father and sister have always inspired her to choose her passion and this is what has perhaps made Roshni smoothly ride towards her dreams and passion!

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Hijab can Not Be A Hurdle In Her Passion For Driving 

Some people raised an argument that she is wearing a hijab and driving a bike. But she gave a perfect answer to them by saying, “Hijab can never be a hurdle to anything. It is a part of my life, part of my culture and it is my choice to wear my hijab”. Driving is her passion and wearing hijab is a part of her culture and religion so it cannot be a hindrance in any form.

She feels happy to see women, girls and children screaming and shouting when she is driving. This inspires her to continue driving!

Well, we extend our wishes to Roshni is an inspiration for women from all walks of the life, indeed.