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Know About 15-100 Square Feet Coffin Cubical House

Know About 15-100 Square Feet Coffin Cubical House

In April 2017, it was estimated that the population of the world has been reached to 7.5 billion which means 750 Crore people are currently living in this world. With the time, the population is increasing very rapidly and it is creating many problems especially the necessity of life Food, Clothes, and Shelter.

If we give more stress to Shelter then we can see that some people have big houses while others don't have any shelter to hide in. There are also many people who live in big houses. But today the houses we are going to talk about are very different. Yes, we are talking about Hong Kong where life is very bust at all times. But here there are many people who are not part of this dazzle. There is so much poverty here that people are forced to live in homes of 15-100 square feet.

Yes, you read it absolutely right, people in Hong Kong are forced to live in the house of only 15-100 sq. ft.

Here, there are small coffin cabins which are considered to be the home of the people. They are also given the name of the house such as shroud.


There is only one room in which people eat, bath, sleep, everything is just in one room. There is a kitchen, bathroom, everything in the same room and the person has to live in it.

These houses are called here under the name of Coffin Cubical cage house.

People in Hong Kong can not even buy things because there is not much space. In the place of only two-three people, ten-twenty people lives.

Strange but true!

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