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Some Haunted Church around the world!

Some Haunted Church around the world!

Churches always fascinate me. I love to explore different kind of churches around the globe. Gothic and Victorian architecture allow you to peep the aura of England culture. But, how about the churches that are the live altar of ghosts, goblins, ghouls and others of their tribe? Ahead, you will find a list of the most haunted churches around the world and details about each location's awry past and scary present. Let’s find out some haunted churches around the globe where you can experienced paranormal activity.

Oradour Church, Oradour-sur-Glane, France

Only 600 civilians survived in the town of Oradour-sur-Glane in France in one of the deadliest massacres of the last few centuries. On an ill-fated day in June 1944, the Nazi soldiers entered this town, and for some unknown reason, separated the men from their women and children. While the men were shot dead, the women and children were locked inside the church, which was then set ablaze and blasted with machine gun fire. Such is the history of this luckless town.

Chernobyl Abandonded Nuclear Fallout Church, Chernobyl

There are disasters, and there are disasters like the one Ukraine faced in 1986 that left it deprived of life. The Chernobyl nuclear disaster of Ukraine is a sad memory in the history of modern civilisation. What’s haunting about this site? The church in the deserted region looks almost the way it was left.

Egg Hill Church, Spring Hills, Pennsylvania

This, supposedly, is one of the most haunted churches that we know of. Legend has it that the crazy pastor of the Egg Hill Church killed all his parishioners post communion, and soon after, hung himself to death. People have reported hearing the cries of child victims that died at the hands of the pastor even though the building remains locked and empty. If that was not enough, word has it that the abandoned church and its premises are vandalised and haunted by ghosts.

St. Mary The Virgin, Clophill, England

In an old English village, Clophill, lies an abandoned church named St. Mary The Virgin built in 1350. This medieval era church, however, is no heritage site worthy of being cherished by today’s generations. Rather, interesting stories revolve around this former chapel. The locals believe the church to be haunted by the devil because the altar of the church faces the southern direction—towards the hell.

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