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The Beauty Of North-east Can Haunt You Too With These 5 Haunted Places

The Beauty Of North-east Can Haunt You Too With These 5 Haunted Places

Beauty with Paranormal activity is a deadly combination. What if one can attract towards Beauty but make themselves stuck in horror. Though science has claimed that there is nothing like paranormal activities but whenever we heard about haunted places, it sends chills down the spines. 

Today, we are introducing you 4 haunted places of extremely beautiful part of India i.e., North-east . Let's find out the spooky places in North-east .

1. Assam - Jattinga Valley

This beautiful valley becomes spooky every year in September-October because of hundreds of Birds Suicide. Birds at night, starts flying and gets hit by houses and wires results in their death. It is believed that three women were announced death punishment due to the practise of black magic and their spirit kill these birds.

2. Assam, Jorhat - Haunted Lodge

This beautiful lodge of Freemasons is in existence for British time. Locals of Jorhat have found haunted noises, laughs, whispers in the lodge .

3. Manipur - JNIMS Hospital

The hospital's gynecology department is said to be haunted and patients who come here encountered with creepy things like sudden drop in temperature and feeling of somebody near them.

4. Kurseong - The Dow Hills School

Locals and students of this school have witnessed a headless boy roaming in the corridor of school. Also the school have seen many murders.