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This Mysterious Well that Turns Objects to Stone Would Send Chills Down your Spine!

This Mysterious Well that Turns Objects to Stone Would Send Chills Down your Spine!

This place is a popular tourist destination situated at North Yorkshire's  near Knaresborough. What's extremely shocking about this place is that everyday objects touched by the well's waters naturally turn to stone within a few months! For many years the localities believed that this is due to a curse!

In fact, many people believe that if they touched the water they too would be turned to stone. The fact that the side of the well looked like a giant's skull exacerbated their fears in the people. Let's see the story behind this mysterious well...


North Yorkshire's well

The petrification process is similar to what happens when stalactites or stalagmites form - but just at a much faster pace

It's made up of tufa and travertine rock, which gives all objects touched by the well a stone-like appearance after several months. It's a similar process to that which creates stalactites and stalagmites, but one that happens much more quickly.

Knaresborough well

Although locals used to come to the well to drink the water, which they believed had miraculous properties, it's now known that drinking such high mineral levels is unsafe

John Leyland, who was a student of Henry VII, when visited the well for the first time, He noticed that many locals drank and showered under the water, as they thought it to have miraculous healing powers. However, people have since discovered that drinking water with such high mineral content is unsafe.

well that turns things into stone

Due to its high mineral content, the water in the Petrifying Well in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire, has the power to turn objects into stone

mysterious well

Teddy bears are among the most popular items which have undergone petrification - and are then sold at nearby souvenir shops