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Top 5 lies Which Indian Believe The Truth

Top 5 lies Which Indian Believe The Truth

I have heard many things about our country which are lies, but most people consider it as truth and they trust these facts. Today, we are going to tell you about such things. 

1. You have often heard that hockey is our national sport. While it is not so, in response to an RTI in 2012, the Sports and Youth Welfare Ministry said that there is no national sport in our country. 

2. Everybody think that Indian Railways is the world's largest staffing company. But this is a lie.

3. This picture is said to be of Mahatma Gandhi, but he is an Australian actor, not M.K. Gandhi.

4. Indian think that Hindi is our national language. While not so, Hindi is the most spoken language throughout the country.

5. You must have heard about a Fake Message in which the Indian National Anthem was declared the best by UNESCO. This is also a lie. Actually, UNESCO does not held this kind of competition.