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Your favorite color Describe your inner personality…

Your favorite color Describe your inner personality…

Often people ask about your favorite color. We select our dress color, car color and home decor according to favorite color. But let me tell you that our favorite color tells our personality as well, just the way your zodiac sign reveals your personality, so do the colors you love. What's better? You don't control when you are born and so, you may find these zodiac stories cock and bull. But with colors, they are your conscious choice and hence, they can tell a great deal about you. So, pick your favorite color of these 10 colors and we will tell you what it reveals about you.


If you chose black, the one word that describes you best is - leader. You are born to rule and speak your mind. This can make you appear bossy and opinionated at times but that's fine because you are a very generous soul who has a big heart. You have a very critical and practical approach to life, making you good analyzers at your work front. But, at times, you can get a little too methodical which may work against you. You don't like voicing your emotions, making you come across as a little too cold.


If you chose red, the one word that describes you best is - exploration. You are an intellectual at heart and don't like people who are too shallow. You love starting on new projects, travelling and are a very loyal friend. You love to explore different people and cultures as this stimulates your inner free self. You are a dreamer and love the company of other dreamers.


If you chose yellow, the one word that describes you best is - caring. You are very sensitive and soft-spoken, qualities for which you are really admired. Your creativity knows no bounds and you know how to bring your thoughts into actions. You are a future-oriented and well planned person. However, you can be a bit shy at times and may not express everything that goes inside you, which can be a lot.


If you chose pink, the one word that describes you best is - balance. You love to keep your life balanced from all sides. You stay optimistic and hate confrontations, maintain good friends and love stability in all areas of your life. You have a charming personality, and love being around people but at the same time are fiercely independent. You do not want the society's stereotypes to define you and are a free spirit at heart.