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5M Years Old Lake Has Changed Its Colour To Pink

5M Years Old Lake Has Changed Its Colour To Pink

What is happening in the world is beyond our thinking. Natural calamities like Flood, Drought, Cyclone, Famine, Landslides have been seen in different corners of the world. But what has happened recently will blow your mind and you won't believe it easily. The Saltlake of Shanxi province of China which is also known as China's 'Dead Sea' has turned pink from one side and green on the other side. The changing color of the lake is becoming a center of attraction for the tourists of the country and the world. As per the geologists, Yuncheng Saltlake is about 5 million years old.

This news is revealed by Xinhua News Agency, the incident of a change in the color of the lake is a naturally occurring event. In it, a moss or algae called Dunaliella Salina is formed, which creates other algae like ones. These algae react with the chemicals found in the water and change colors. These algae play an important role in changing the color of the lake. Because of this, the lake is green with one side and pinkly is visible from the other side.

The lake is in northern China and it is one of the three saltwater lakes in the world and sodium sulfate is found in it. This lake is spread over an area of 132 km. The biggest feature of this lake is that both its green and pink colors look like this for many years. 

Yuncheng Saltlake also came in the discussion last year because of the similar algae, its color reddened at that time. Last year, thousands of tourists had arrived in China to see the extraordinary and unbelievable beauty of this lake.

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