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7 Countries Which Are Fighting To Find Its Place In Google Map

7 Countries Which Are Fighting To Find Its Place In Google Map

United Nations has recently released a list, according to which there are a total of 193 countries in the world, where Taiwan and Kosovo have not been included. However, Switzerland, Montenegro, and South Sudan have become the newest countries.

Today we have 7 countries of the world that are not on the map of the world and most people do not know about these countries.

1- Transnistria

Although Transnistria is missing from the map of the world, this country has its own separate army, currency, and flag. In the year 1990, the country was separated from Chisinau.

2- Somali land

In 1991, there was a sudden violence in Somalia and at the same time, Somalia's North-West part declared itself as an independent. After which its name was Somaliland. The flag and currency of this country are also different.

3- Iraqi Kurdistan

Iraqi Kurdistan has been present in the capacity of an independent country within Iraq since the year 1970. This country had made a lot of progress at the time of dictator Saddam Hussain. This country has its own separate army, government, and border.

4- Western Sahara

Saharan Arab Democratic Republic i.e. Western Sahara is a country hidden from the eyes of the world. This country is a part of the African Union. Many countries, including India, want to declare it as the independent. This country, with a population of 5 lakh people, is fighting for its freedom.