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All the Party lovers Head towards Mumbai for fantastic Holi

All the Party lovers Head towards Mumbai for fantastic Holi

Holi is one the fun loved and fantastic festival of India. And like every year, Holi 2018 has the same amount of enthusiasm among Folks. And if you are a party lover then Mumbai is the best place to celebrate your holi with awesome parties. Right from the Bollywood celebrities to the socialites and to the party-loving crowd of the city, everyone’s there to take part in the celebrations. If you want to celebrate your holi on a different level then you must read this article.


Holi 2018 Sunrise to Sunset

What: This Holi celebration in Mumbai will give you the chance to bring out the best in you and show off your dancing skills to the tunes of some cool music spun up by DJ Shugi Born accompanied by surprise performances. As far as the colours are concerned, it will all be herbal. Where: Kalamb Beach, Mumbai Date: March 2 When: 1 am to 11 pm Charges: INR 1,500 for single entry, INR 2,500 for couples

Range Barse

What: This Holi celebration in Mumbai is for the ones who want a fine mix of all things good. Rang Barse will have great DJ music along with loads of food, exotic drinks, rain showers and a wide variety of colours for playing Holi. Where: Babasaheb Thakre Ground Opp Virkar Bungalow, Indralok, Bhayandar Date: March 2 When: 11 am to 3 pm Charges: Holi 2018 Sunrise to Sunset: INR 550 for single entry and INR 950 couple entry

Holi Special Camping

What: While everyone is busy celebrating Holi with a melange of colours, music and food, you can instead celebrate the festival by a special camping arrangement. While there’s colour and water for your mandatory play, there are other exciting things in store including night camping, bonfire with delicious food and live DJ performances. This is a great option if you are looking to celebrate Holi with your family. Where: Dahanu Chikoo Farm, Rampur Post Gholvad, Dahanu Date: March 1 and 2 When: 4 pm to 4 pm (next day) Charges: INR 2,500 for adults and INR 1,500 for children

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