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Blue Mountain A Walkers Paradise!!!

Blue Mountain A Walkers Paradise!!!

Blue Mountains is a well-known tourist destination in Sydney Australia NSW. Actually, it’s a mountain range.  The mountains are actually blue though or appear blue from a distance because of the oils released by eucalypt forests. You can see many things and can do a lot of activity in Blue Mountain.

Let’s explore this place:

Three Sisters

The Three Sisters is the blue mountain’s most spectacular landmark, located at Echo Point Katoomba, around 2.5 Kilometres from the Great Western Highway. This iconic visitor attraction is experienced by millions of people each year. This is essentially an unusual rock formation representing three sisters who according to Aboriginal legend were turned to stone.

Scenic Railway Tour

Here tourists can do ride the scenic railway, which is the steepest railway in the world, like a cross between a roller coaster and a monorail.

Cable Car

There is also a cable car from one plateau to another.

Walking Paradise

This is truly a walking paradise for joggers. There are countless possible walking routes, from the above mentioned tourist trails to multi-day camping trips out into remote regions of the park. These are just some of your options.