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Break the Myth That you can get delectable Food only in Five Stars Hotels!!!

Break the Myth That you can get delectable Food only in Five Stars Hotels!!!

 If you have ever been to long road trip then you know the importance of good Dhabas.  As a travel blogger I been to many road trips a tasted many dishes on dhabas. Let me tell you that stopping by a dhaba and relishing mouth-watering butter chicken, aloo paratha, makke di roti and malai lassi is probably one of the best parts of any road journey in India.  These roadside eateries, called dhabas in India, don’t have fancy furniture or modern décor but one simply does not question the authenticity and taste of food served at these tiny places. Believe me these tiny paces offers you some lip smacking food which is never less than five star foods.

The mighty national highways connecting the cities with one another are dotted with some outstanding dhabas that have gained much popularity over the time to become a prime tourist attraction of the destination.
So If you are travelling on any of these prominent highways of India, do not forget to stop your vehicle and savour a meal at one of these spectacular dhabas!

Sharma Dhaba

If you have a thing for Rajasthani cuisine, the Sharma Dhaba on Jaipur-Sikar road is where you must take a break and indulge in some authentic dishes of Rajasthan. Here, you get pure vegetarian food, with mawa naan as a speciality that nobody can resist. Must-haves: Missi roti, mawa naan (mawa roti), paneer masala, malai matar Location: Jaipur-Sikar Road

Karnal Haveli

Though it’s more of a restaurant on this national highway, it makes to this list owing to its dhaba-like ambience and food. We can call it an urban, stylish and posh dhaba serving some authentic Punjabi delicacies. The place is a mini-version of Punjab, bringing together flavours from all over the world. Must-haves: Amritsari chole, kadhi, parathas, lassi Location: G.T Road, Karnal, NH 1

Chilika Dhaba

If you are planning a trip to Orissa, do not forget to eat at the amazing Chilika Dhaba on NH 5. The eatery gets its name from the nearby Chilika Lake, which is a tourist hotspot in Orissa. For seafood lovers, this place is truly a heaven. Try their chilli prawns—spicy, crisp and mouth-watering! Must-haves: Colossal crab, chilli prawns, fish curry Location: Near Chilika Lake, past the railway line towards Behrampur, Barkul, NH 5, Orissa

Explore the delicious side of Rajasthan!!

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