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New Dating App: People Love And Date, What If They Hate and Still Date?

New Dating App: People Love And Date, What If They Hate and Still Date?

Don't you feel, finding a soulmate in this era has become quite an easy thing? What can you not find on web? Maybe everything! Just one click and you can embark your journey to our perfect match! That's all it takes...

There are so many social platforms to make friends and even you have apps where you can find your partner to get hitched. But one thing which is quite similar in all these apps and platforms is the basis on which they let us find a partner- which is our LIKINGS! Isn't it monotonous, just discussing the stuff you love and admire, get over it, man, We are done with it! Now it's time to hate the same thing together and fall in love!

Stereotypically, you think you always share a bond with someone who has same likes as you do, but, breaking the stereotypes there is an app which lets you date someone with your shared dislikes! Sounds confusing?

Well, the new dating app helps you to find people who hate the same thing as you do to help find your perfect match! Cool, isn't it?


Love hate

Likes Attracts Dislikes!!

It might be possible that you find your dream love for hating Maggi, Shahrukh khan and a mutual bitch whom you used to hate a lot. Friendship is more stronger when the hatred is common. Don't you think so?

Hater app let you find the people who share the same shoe size and you can step into their, its like date the one who also hate that one that you hate!

Hater app

The Week Of Love

As valentines day is around the corner so the app is set to launch on 8 February, prior to the Love Day.

Well, these people may not be joking as, it has even being proved in a research that brickbat is more acceptable.

So, Sincerely the Singles don't be low and dull, valentines day is just around the corner. Download the app asap and a find a perfect match for yourself.

Give it a Try this Valentinday!

You never know, may be the dislike trick could even work for you! (wink)