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ISIS Issued Fatwa To Kill Mia Khalifa

ISIS Issued Fatwa To Kill Mia Khalifa

Who does not know the name of pornstar Mia Khalifa? Everyone is familiar with her name. Mia is included in the world's most popular porn star. Her fans have been from around the world who enjoy their videos. Mia Khalifa is Muslim and she has been in controversy many times.

Sometimes back, she had a porn video in which she and a woman wear hijab and perform sex act. There was a lot of controversy about this video.

Many Muslim organizations had issued a fatwa to kill Mia Khalifa. In this connection, ISIS has now threatened to kill Mia Khalifa. Mia herself shared this point. According to her ISIS released a photo in which Mia's chopped head is seen. Mia has said that she is not afraid of such fundamentalists.