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Learn these 3 Indian skills in the French town of India!!!

Learn these 3 Indian skills in the French town of India!!!

 Pepole Who love to go France but their budget never allow them. They must  visit to Pondicherry. It  is absolutely enchanting town situated in the Union Territory of Puducherry in South India. Mainly known for its French history, even today entire place seems to be in some kind of time warp! The city’s history was not penned down until the French, Dutch and the British came to make Pondicherry one of their colonies. Here you will find Lush gardens, cute heritage buildings with yellow facade are the trademark of this cute historical town. The food in general conforms to the continental taste and in particular to French finesse! 

Ayurvedic Medicines....Of course it is India After all!

In Pondicherry you will find classes where you can learn about Ayurvedic Medicines, their uses and how to prepare them. A trained instructor will teach you about the uses and remedies of the meds.

Traditional auspicious pattern for your home entrance

In the Southern parts of India, every morning women draw patterns outside the doorstep with powdered rice. The main purpose of doing it every morning at the crack of dawn is to bring good luck and to draw in positive blessings from the Goddess. The class is for one and a half hour where you will be taught how to draw the Kolam patterns and glimpses of Indian Heritage and Culture.

Tingle your taste buds with Traditional South India Cooking

Indian cuisines are world famous and there are so many of them! If you are a foodie and have a knack for cooking this course is the perfect one for you. Here you will be taught how to fix perfect and delicious South Indian traditional dishes. This includes food making with rice, fish/or chicken, vegetables and gravy. You will also learn how to make desserts. Out of 30 different types of culinary wonders you can take your pick, which can be one or more according to your convenience.

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Learn these 3 Indian skills in the French town of India!!!