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Sneak Peek To The Tease Of Disney Movie "Beauty And the Beast"

Sneak Peek To The Tease Of Disney Movie

People going gaga for the release of this movie Beauty and the Beast. It's going to be on the screen on March 17 in 3D. 

Starring The fame of Harry Potter 'Emma Watson' as (Belle) and the beast is 'Dan Steven' The small teaser videos of this movie making the waiting process that much harder yet that much more exciting. People are excited to see the real French theme of this cartoon series.

 Hoping that the director has done justice with the characters.


Beauty and the Beast

Already the movie is out with so any teaser on the internet and people couldn't resist themselves for booking the advance tickets of this movie

Beauty and the Beast

Looking forward to the Beauty and the Beast everyone else in the village just sees him as a hideous monster a beast but Belle sees him for what he really is a kind gentle and caring prince that has learned to love and care for someone other than himself. Xoxo All The Best! See you in the Theatres

Watch the Movie clip+ trailer of Beauty and the Beast- 'Bonjour Belle'