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Meet the First Wushu Trainer Of Afghanistan “Azimi”, Working for Women Empowerment!

Meet the First Wushu Trainer Of Afghanistan “Azimi”, Working for Women Empowerment!

We have seen people being biased about the physical power of men and women. They think women have less power than man. Azimi who is known as a Wushu Afghani trainer shut all of our mouths with her brawny acts.

She was very keen to learn Wushu since a tender age and wanted to take it to her country. An idea struck in her mind to train the girls of Afghanistan. She implemented on this idea and started training the women of Afghanistan.Her intention was to create awareness about self-defence amongst women as she wanted to make them self-sufficient to tackle any unforeseen activities...

azimi with her student

The Girls Are Learning Wushu Against All Odds

Afghanis have a cliché and obscene mentality about women learning any sports. They never encouraged them to join any sports classes, as they think it is not their cup of tea. But, breaking all stereotypes, many women decided to join the classes of Azimi in all odd to proof others wrong!

A girl with one of the wushu pose.

Women Are No Longer Afraid And Would Learn Wushu At Any Cost.

It’s been a year and the girls are fighting it out to learn Wushu against their family’s wish. Many people are harassing them as well, saying that they should stop learning this sport but they are no longer afraid such slams. They say “we have seen a growth in ourselves. Wushu has helped us a lot and we will continue to learn it against all odd”.