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A Floating City at the Sea Could Be in Your Bucket List of Next Adventure Spree!

A Floating City at the Sea Could Be in Your Bucket List of Next Adventure Spree!

When we talk about global changes in technology and infrastructure then the advancement is by leaps and bounds. But today we are talking about something out of the ordinary! Well, we are totally stunned that we have reached such a zenith of modernization that new could now take pleasure in taking a few days off even into a floating city at the sea...

Seasteading Institute is considered as one the vast tourist complex. This is one of those visions that work for floating city. It works on bringing dreams to reality, as well as fulfilling the desires and specific needs of elite consumers around the world.

For this particular project of a floating city they have chosen the sea coast of French Polynesia in the South Pacific Ocean as their location.

floating city

This is how the Floating Structure Design Would Be!

After consulting government of the French Polynesia, American constructors are working on this project and hope to see the result within 2 or 3 years. They have a desire to accomplish this task till 2019. The Artisanpolis is situated in the midpoint that is between the Australia’s east coast and the west coast of South America.

domes of the floating city

The Design of the Domes where the Visitors Would Stay

There would be decent working on creating proper relief structure for the residents. The futuristic resort will see guest chilling out in the dome. There care and fulfilling of basic need would be the first priority. Also, the rooms would provide a spectacular view of the sea world outside.

white building

Design of White Building Concentrate on Sun Loungers

Ultimate relaxation would be at the doorsteps of those staying in the white-building situated in the middle of the sea. This building would boast Sun loungers. The residential resort will use solar panel for the supply of power.

A Proper Framework of the Resort