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Do Follow These Rules for beautiful hair

Do Follow These Rules for beautiful hair

Oiling hair is the old tradition of Indian culture and it is also the gesture of love our nani and dadi . Everyone like the idea of a relaxing champi. The oil head massage is not only de-stressing but also good for your hair. It provides nourishment to your hair and makes your locks shiny too. Do you know the correct way of oiling? In this article we will tell you the right way of oiling step by step.

Heat the Oil

A hot oil massage versus a cold one can make a lot of difference. Go for oils that can be heated and microwave it for a few seconds only.

Don’t massage too hard

A lot of times we end up massaging too harshly. This can actually damage the roots, create knots and also breakage. Instead, go for a soothing massage in circular motions. You can also dip cotton in oil to massage your hair for a gentle alternative.

Comb your Hair before

Not combing your hair before oiling can cause some serious damage. Massaging tangled hair can cause hair breakage and even further knots.

Massage the Hair ends too

A lot of time we end up massaging our scalp only. You must oil your hair ends too, as they need hydration as well. Oil your hair section by section for lustrous locks.