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Some unfold Sides of Rajasthan

Some unfold Sides of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is the most famous and much-loved destination around the globe. Many tourist and traveler visit this place aging and again. This vibrant destination of desert, kathputlis, and palaces has a myriad of faces that no one is much aware of. Yes, we are talking about offbeat attractions and experiences in Rajasthan. Let’s explore some hidden and undiscovered things in Rajasthan. So next time you visit any of the gorgeous cities of Rajasthan, try to look beyond the imposing palaces and ancient forts, unearth the hidden stories of the villages and towns in a unique way.

Go ghost hunting in Rajasthan

Ghosts, spirits and their secrets! Rajasthan is flooding with unsolved mysteries and unknown stories. There’s a lot buried inside the ancient havelis and palaces of Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Jaipur and other cities. The old walls and high ceilings are engraved with scary tales from the bygone era. Among these stories that are daunting yet amazing (in a different way) to hear, are the ones from the old ruins of Kuldhara, Brijraj Bhavan, Jagatpura and Bhangarh. What comes with these are some spine-chilling tales that people still believe in, and why not? They have their reasons. The little hamlet of Kuldhara in Jaisalmer is supposed to be a cursed village, abandoned overnight by hundreds of villagers and no one knows where or why they disappeared. If you plan to visit this eerie place ever, be sure to leave before 6 PM in the evening as the site is believed to be full of negative energies.

Get the panoramic view of the city with hot air balloon

Though not yet very popular, a hot air balloon ride is considered to be the best way to explore the beauty of desert cities and rustic old towns in Rajasthan. It shows the beauty of Rajasthan in complete unique way; imagine yourself gliding smoothly over the Pink City and admiring the aerial views of the grand Amber Fort in Jaipur. These rides last for about an hour and trust me, you’ll be having the most invigorating experience! This is the best time to get in your adventure mode and go 4000 ft high in sky and treat your eyes with some royalty! Not to miss are the hot air balloon rides in Pushkar as well.

Visit the shrine of Bullet Baba

If you love to explore some offbeat places than bullet Baba could be a interesting for you. The shrine of Bullet Baba, located on National Highway 65 in village Chotila of Pali district, close to Jodhpur, is the place where Royal Enfield motorbike is worshipped! The story behind this religious practice is also quite strange and goes back to year 1991. A young man called Om Singh Rathore was riding his bullet bike in the region and had a horrific accident, dying on the spot. Later, the bike was taken away by the local police for the further investigation. Next day, people at the police station noticed that the bike was missing, only to be found at the accident spot. They got the bike back and chained it with iron shackles, but is disappeared again to be found at the same spot. Later, people of the village built a memorial at the spot and honoured him. His bike is considered extremely revered, and nobody riding on the road proceeds without paying a tribute to Bullet Baba.

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