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These signs are secretly telling you that it is the time to change your job

These signs are secretly telling you that it is the time to change your job

I think job satisfaction is very important, without that you won’t be able to give good result in any profession. Though we love our job still sometimes we all have bad days at work. There are days when do not agree with our managers, the sight of a few colleagues annoy us, deadlines are not our best friends and some days, things just do not turn out the way we want. But in case, you don’t remember the last good day you had at work or the day you were really happy during office hours, it might be the time to consider whether you should continue working in the same place or not. Here are five tell-tale signs that you should quit your job…

There is nothing new to learn

If your work profile does not offer learning opportunities, or you don’t feel challenged at the work front anymore, it might be a good idea to look for a new job. Despite working on new projects, attending workshops, conferences and meetings, you feel you are not improving your core skills or learning new ones. It is a clear sign that your present job is not helping you to improve your knowledge base, and your career is not shaping up the way you wanted it to.

You don’t see any growth

You have been slogging in your job since years, but you have not got promoted even once. You feel stuck, and do not see any professional growth or a change in your designation. You feel your talent and expertise are not exploited to their potential, and you deserve better professionally. Also, if you feel you are paid peanuts for what you do, this is another reason to consider leaving your job.

The work environment is negative

No matter how much you love what you do, a negative work environment can affect your productivity and motivation levels at work. If your boss is always complaining for no reason, colleagues are only interested in playing blame game, work policies are unfair or office politics is giving you sleepless nights, it is the time to put down your papers. Nothing matters more than your own peace of mind.

There is no job security

If hiring and firing is a regular affair in your office or your company is a sinking ship and you are constantly facing the threat of losing your job without any fault of yours. Do we need to explain why you need to look for a new job and resign from the present one?

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