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7 Indian Cities Best To Settle In Than Metros

7 Indian Cities Best To Settle In Than Metros

Metro cities are considered the pride of our country. Country's huge economy and everyday changing trend are based on the lifestyle of Metros. In the life of Metro, one has no time, they are just running fast but don't know where to reach. 

Everyone living in Metro want to settle in more peaceful place and India has some such beautiful places to settle in. The cities which provide relaxation to one with providing comfort no less than Metros. Here's the 10 cities better than Metros to settle in.


The capital of India's heart Madhya Pradesh which is also called city of lake. It is know for it's greenary and pollution free atmosphere. It's a great for engineering and media too.


This Gujarat city is called 'Diamond Capital'. It has beautiful temples and beaches(not everyone know). It offers ample work opportunity in gemstone industry.


Everyone know about this wealthiest and the cleanest city. Chandigarh is the best city to move in. As it is the first planned city, it offers shinning future.


The Kerala city, Kochi has gorgeous beaches and sea side towns. It's a centre of ITES and IT companies, so it has alot job offer and considered best to settle in