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Awful and Astonishing Tattoo Consequences that We Were Never Aware Of!

Awful and Astonishing Tattoo Consequences that We Were Never Aware Of!

A tattoo is a design that is permanently etched in the skin using needles and ink. There are many people today who love to be inked, however, to us most of the time the only consequence of engraving something over our skin is- It Being Permanent. While many who have ink may regret their decision, they can get the mark removed these days. However, besides this, there are so many other unforeseen things which are related to tattooing. 

You may be thinking what could be the worst consequences of getting a tattoo? From mercury poisoning to jail time to a longer than the normal erection, there are a lot of shocking things that can go wrong when getting a tattoo...

Here we have the worst consequences of tattoos that may shock you,...


1 Tattoo May cause a Permanent Erection

Tattoo artist suggests you consult a doctor after three months of having your new penis tattoo. According to January 3, 2012's edition of The Journal of Sexual Medicine (NSFW), the first case of non-ischemic priapism following penile tattooing, has occurred. The report details the observations made by doctors of an Iranian man, who after he had the brilliant idea to tattoo good luck on your journeys, in Persian with his girlfriend's initials at the end on his penis, is now unable to be at anything less than half mast at all times. The doctors and researchers who authored the article conclude that considering this case, we discourage penile tattooing. Thanks to those good doctors for that piece of sound advice!

Tattoo consequences

2 Tattooing caused mercury poising to a Boy

Irish boybander Keith Duffy of Boyzone in 2008, after few hours of receiving a tattoo, he began to fall ill. His arms and legs began to swell and then he collapsed before being rushed to a hospital where the doctors came to know he is attacked with mercury poisoning. Tattoo ink is approved neither by government group nor by private group – and because of that, you can find all sorts of weird mucky muck in the ink – especially colored ink. You can find stuff like mercury, lead, and other allergens, which can lead to blood poisoning, which can potentially kill you.

Tattoo consequences

3 Tattoo Causes HIV

Bali, a resort island in Indonesia, is known for its beaches, nightlife, and its drastic increase in HIV and AIDS cases. A  case has been in Australia and has led to doctors encouraging those who have gone under the needle in Indonesia to be tested for HIV and other blood-borne diseases. What the doctors should've said was, "DON'T GET A TATTOO IN INDONESIA," but what they did say was, "Yeah, you'll probably get AIDS after you get a tattoo in Indonesia, so you should probably get tested afterward."

Tattoo consequences

4 Your private pictures could be used

Crysta Hammond, got inked image of two fairies hugging each other onto the side of her torso. The artist who inked the tattoo on her body took a picture of it, saying it'd be used for his private portfolio. Later, he posted the photo of her naked torso and tagged her on the image...