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Explore the Breathtaking Pondicherry Beaches

Explore the Breathtaking Pondicherry Beaches

Pondicherry is famous for its Indo-French heritage and architecture, but let me tell you that Pondicherry beaches are extremely beautiful and breathtaking. While Pondicherry’s Promenade Beach is more of a sea-facing pathway than a beach, the city is close to several pretty beaches. Let’s discover these panoramic beaches. 


Tucked inside the neighbouring township of Auroville, this beach is the perfect spot for quiet introspection. A 30-minute-drive from Pondicherry, it has all the tranquillity in the world you can ask for. There are no restaurants, shops, changing rooms or parking space—but you will find clear blue water and breathtaking sunsets and sunrises. Located near the Auroville bus stop on the East Coast Road, it is mostly frequented by locals and fishermen. Due to the large waves, swimming on the beach can be a bit of a challenge. Auroville beach, popularly referred to as Auro beach, is close to Auroville, a popular Pondicherry sightseeing destination. It is situated at the right side of the ECR, opposite to the road leading to Auroville. Located about 12 kms from the main Pondicherry town, its shallow waters and small waves make it an ideal place for swimming. As the beach’s slope is gentle, swimming is one of the best things to do at the Auroville beach for expert as well as novice swimmers. The shingle and shells in different colors get deposited here, making the beach all the more beautiful. It is a fairly popular destination and on weekends it can get rather crowded, whereas on weekdays it is relatively less so. Visited by locals as well as tourists in huge numbers, it is one of the most popular beaches in Pondicherry.


Situated in the heart of Pondicherry, this is rock-lined seashore is better suited for walking. It is adjacent to the Goubert Avenue, the main historical promenade of the city, which is lined with beautiful colonial buildings. The best way to take in the views is by walking down the entire 1.5 km-long stretch, stopping to admire the statue of Marquis Dupleix situated at one end, the Mahatma Gandhi statue in the middle, as well as the First World War Memorial. During the evenings, the beach comes alive with street food stalls, ice cream carts and balloon sellers, as well as locals taking their evening walk. Remember to have a cup of coffee at the sea-facing Le Café during your stroll.

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