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Let’s soothes your senses and delights your eyes with magical boat ride of Kolkata

Let’s soothes your senses and delights your eyes with magical boat ride of Kolkata

Kolkata, the City of joy does live up to its reputation in every way. This amazing city is blessed with rich culture and history.  In Kolkata you can explore many historical monuments. In this article I am going to take you on the ghats of Kolkata which are equally beautiful and mesmerising.  So let’s start a beautiful boat ride around the Ghats (river bank) of this city. 

Lal Dighi

Lal Dighi, previously known as Tank Square is located at the heart of BBD Bagh area. Sabarna Roy Choudhary , who was the Zamindar of Kolkata in 17th century had a court house near the dighi. "Lal Dighi" was so named because of the red color its waters acquired during Holi festival. British East India Company took the Dighi on lease from Roy Choudhary family in 1709 and redeveloped it into a fresh water reservoir for the people of Kolkata. In 1770, Lal dighi was dug further up to 25 acres of ground. Today it is one of the most peaceful places in contrast to the surrounding areas that swarm with hustle and bustle of a large Metropolitan city. In afternoon you will find office goers relaxing or hanging out with their colleagues on a cup of tea here.

Princep Ghat

Princep Ghat is the oldest recreational spot of Kolkata after Town Hall. It was built in 1841 in the memory of Anglo-Indian Scholar, James Princep. The monument dedicated to James Princep was built in Greek style and it stands right under the shadow of Vidyasagar Setu This is a popular picnic spot especially during winter season. In the evening, people visit this beautiful little hangout with their friends. It is also quite popular with couples. One can go boating to the river, walk along the serene banks and enjoy food from the stalls here.

Baboo Ghat

Mallick ghat is located just below the Rabindra setu (Howrah bridge), built by Ram Mohon Mallick in the year 1855. Mallick ghat is the home to the largest wholesale flower market of Eastern India. Flower sellers from all over the city come here to sell different kinds of flowers like Marigold, Roses, Hibiscus, Jasmine etc. Many local flower sellers buys flowers from this place at wholesale rate to sell them in local markets in various localities.

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