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Rajasthan Has Not Only The Pink City But The Blue City Also

Rajasthan Has Not Only The Pink City But The Blue City Also

Rangilo Rajasthan is the best line ever given to the land of Rajas and Maharajas i.e., Rajasthan. It is the northern and the largest state by area in India. It is called by the name of the land of Forts, Lake, History, and many other things. 

You also will be all aware of the pink city of Rajasthan i.e., Jaipur. There are thousands of tourists from across the country and abroad to visit Pink City Jaipur every year.

But have you ever been to the Blue City of Rajasthan? Perhaps you have been to the beautiful blue city of the state but you don't know this city by the name of Blue City. And in the case you don't visit till now, then after reading about this city, you will definitely plan to go to the Blue City.

The city is Jodhpur. Once you know about this royal city, you will want to visit this city once. Jodhpur is the Blue City of our country. The city of Jodhpur, famously known as Blue City, is about 558 years old. Jodhpur is a very beautiful city in itself, which is famous for its blue colors.

History of the city: It is said that Jodhpur was invented in 1459 by Rao Jodha. He was the head of Rathod Samaj and 15th ruler of Jodhpur. The name of this city was named Jodhpur on the name of Rao Jodha. Earlier this city was known as Marwar.

Nearly all the houses of this city residing in the desert look blue. It is said that the house is painted with blue color to keep the houses cold. All the houses here are blue, hence it is called Blue City. The magnificent palaces, fortresses, temples, museums and magnificent gardens in this royal city raise the beauty of this city.

Bollywood's favorite place: The Blue City of Rajasthan is not only tempting tourists but it also has been the center of attraction of Bollywood and Hollywood movies.

Films from Hollywood to Bollywood have been shot in Jodhpur's Brahmapuri. There are also beautiful views of this city in commercial advertisements of many big companies. The last film shot in this city was Shudh Desi Romance.

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