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Start living a healthy life by planting a Kitchen Garden

Start living a healthy life by planting a Kitchen Garden

I still remember we used to have our own kitchen garden where we grow fresh tomatoes, coriander and many more fresh green vegetables.  Actually our ancestors’ and our senoiur generation were more health and lived more problem free healthy life style. Let me tell you that here are many reasons to grow your own greens. Saving money is one possible goal and concerns about food safety is another. With so much information (and misinformation) about the produce we buy these days, the surest way to know where your produce comes from is to harvest it from your own garden.

The best reason to grow your own herbs and vegetables, however, is simply the satisfaction of eating something that you have coaxed into being with your own bare hands—farm-to-table within the comforts of your own home, so to speak. As city dwellers, it is also a great way to get close to nature and its bounties—especially if you have children and want them to develop a greater appreciation for what they eat.

Study the Sunlight

Start by figuring out how much sun you get at home. Apart from balconies and corridors, study also the spots next to all the windows. You can make use of ledges and counters, and secure vertical gardens onto windows and walls.

Get Creative with Space

Create space by using not just floors and counter surfaces but suspension systems as well. For instance, metal rails across or next to windows can be used for hanging plant pots and planter boxes. A spice rack can also function as a herb garden. If you’re friendly with your neighbours, you can even ask to use some of their corridor space.

Start with the easy Herbs and Plants

Basil, mint, thyme and rosemary, as well as local flavours like laksa leaf and pandan require little maintenance and are pretty easy to grow.

Easy Herbs and Plants

Leek, spring onion, chives, garlic and onion are just some members of the Allium family that can be grown from food scraps. You can also do the same with lemongrass.