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Dussehra: Victory Of Good Over Evil

Dussehra: Victory Of Good Over Evil

Today the festival of Vijayadashami is being celebrated throughout the country. Dussehra has a special significance in Hindu religion. This festival is considered a symbol of victory of good over evil.

After the end of Navaratri, this festival is celebrated with full enthusiasm throughout the country on the date of Dashmi. On the day of Dussehra, people also worship arms, weapon.

According to mythology, when Lord Rama was in exile for 14 years, Lankapati Ravana kidnapped his wife Mata Sita and kept her in captivity in Ashok Vatika of Lanka. Sriram fought with his younger brother Laxman, the devotee Hanuman and the Vanar Sena in the army of Ravana for nine days only in Lanka. It is believed that Lord Rama had worshipped Goddess Mother at that time and with his blessing, so on the date, the egoistic Ravana was slaughtered.

According to another legend, Mahishasur, the King of Assur, defeated the Gods on the strength of his power and took possession of the Earth including Indralok. Because of the boon was given by Lord Brahma, no god could kill him. In this way, all the gods, including the Tridevas, form Goddess Durga with their powers. After this, Goddess liberated everyone from Mahishasur's soul. This victory of the mother is celebrated in the name of Vijay Dashami.

The Dashmi date will begin on September 29 at 11.00 pm and will remain on October 1 for 1 to 35 minutes. This day Vijay Muhurta will be 47 minutes. Vijay Muhurat will remain 2 to 8 minutes from 2 pm to 55 minutes. Apart from this, the time of worship will remain from 1 to 21 minutes from 3:00 to 42 minutes.


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